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Last edited: May 01, 2024
Some integrations are Pro and Enterprise features

Some integrations are only available to customers on a Pro or Enterprise plan. To learn more, read about our pricing. To upgrade your plan, contact Sales.


LaunchDarkly supports third-party integrations to let you configure the product to your specific needs. You can also connect various destinations to receive LaunchDarkly events, or use triggers to perform actions on feature flags from third-party tools.

We provide the following integrations:

Looking for our SDKs?

For a list of all of our available SDKs, read SDKs.

Here are some of our most popular integrations:

  • Using the Slack integration, you can view and filter flags and resources, subscribe to flag notifications, toggle flag targeting on and off, and more. To learn more about the integration, read Slack.
  • Using the Jira integration, you can link your feature flags to your team's Jira issues. To learn more about this integration, read Jira Cloud.
  • Using the Datadog integration, you can set up Datadog Events to receive any activity from LaunchDarkly. To learn more about this integration, read Datadog.

To learn about common problems integrations can help solve, read Integrations use cases.

Build your own integration

LaunchDarkly's integration framework lets you use a standard configuration to build two-way integrations from LaunchDarkly to third-party services. To learn how to create your own integration, read Using the LaunchDarkly integration framework.

Code references

Expand code references integrations

LaunchDarkly offers code references integrations:

  • Bitbucket code references
  • CircleCI code references
  • Custom configuration with ld-find-code-refs
  • GitHub code references
  • GitLab code references

To learn more, read Code references.

Collaboration tools

Expand collaboration tools

LaunchDarkly integrates with the following collaboration tools:

Data Export destinations

To learn more, read Data Export.

Edge tools

Expand edge tools

LaunchDarkly integrates with the following edge tools:

Environments as a service tools

Expand environments as a service tools

LaunchDarkly integrates with the following environments as a service (EaaS) tools:

Experimentation and metric integrations

Expand Experimentation and metric integrations

You can use these integrations with our Experimentation product:

To learn more, read Experimentation.

Integrated development environment (IDE) connectors

Expand IDE connectors

LaunchDarkly integrates with the following IDE connectors:

Observability tools

Expand observability tools

Single sign-on (SSO) integrations

Expand single sign-on integrations

LaunchDarkly integrates with many SSO tools.

To learn more, read Single sign-on.

Synced segment integrations

Expand synced segment integrations

Workflow management tools

Expand workflow management tools

LaunchDarkly integrates with the following workflow management tools:

More integrations

Expand more integrations

Demonstration videos

We provide video demonstrations of many of our integrations. They are available on LaunchDarkly's YouTube channel.