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Last edited: Apr 15, 2024

This topic summarizes changes made to the LaunchDarkly documentation site. Use the table below to stay up to date on everything new in our docs.

Q1 2024

DateChange summaryAffected topic(s)
April 15, 2024Adds a migration guide for the most recent version of the LaunchDarkly REST API, 20240415.REST API migration guide
April 12, 2024Publishes a topic on OpenTelemetry support in LaunchDarkly SDKs.OpenTelemetry
April 3, 2024Deprecates docs on the Resmo integration.Not applicable.
March 26, 2024Adds information about metric versions.Metric versions
March 20, 2024Publishes a guide with common metric examples.Example metrics
March 15, 2024Adds documentation explaining connection, redundancy, and resiliency options.Client-side, server-side, and edge SDKs
March 12, 2024Adds documentation on new metric analysis options.Metric analysis
March 5, 2024Deprecates docs on the Pendo integration.Not applicable.
March 4, 2024Adds a section on encrypting SAML assertions sent by IdPs.Encrypting SAML assertions
March 4, 2024Adds docs on flag templates and how to change their default settings.Flag templates
February 20, 2024Publishes a topic on the Ditto integration.Ditto
February 13, 2024Adds information on critical environments, including the new custom role action updateCritical.Critical environments, Using actions
February 13, 2024Publishes new domain verification custom role actions, including createDomainVerification, deleteDomainVerification, and updateDomainVerification.Domain verification actions
February 12, 2024Adds a topic on required confirmation for flag and segment changes.Required confirmation
February 12, 2024Adds information about standard metric groups.Metric groups
February 8, 2024Updates the release pipelines docs with information about multiple release pipelines.Release pipelines, Using actions, Getting started with release pipelines
February 8, 2024Publishes a migration guide for the new React Native SDK version.React Native SDK 9.x to 10.0 migration guide
February 8, 2024Publishes a topic on domain verification.Domain verification
February 2, 2024Updates the end-user data guide for clarity and with more information about LaunchDarkly's security features.Minimizing LaunchDarkly's access to end-user data

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