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    Slack app

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    Last edited: Jan 20, 2023


    This topic explains how to set up and use the LaunchDarkly Slack app.

    You can use the LaunchDarkly Slack app to view and monitor feature flags and approval requests from your team's Slack workspace. You can use the app to subscribe to notifications about flag changes, interact with approval requests, create flag links, and more.

    Slack app permissions

    The actions you can perform in Slack are limited by your LaunchDarkly role. To learn more, read Understanding the Slack app's permissions.

    You can use the Slack integration to:

    • Subscribe a Slack channel to updates for a set of flags to monitor changes to those flags
    • Approve, deny, or comment on approval requests directly in Slack
    • Subscribe to a single flag that controls a key feature for continuous monitoring
    • See flag details in Slack and create a flag link to a Slack conversation
    • Turn flag targeting on or off from Slack
    • Get notified when a flag is ready to remove from code
    • Receive notifications about changes to flags you followed within the LaunchDarkly user interface (UI)

    To learn how to authorize the app, read Setting up Slack accounts and permissions.

    Getting help and using slash commands

    The Slack app has a help menu that can give you details about what you can do, and it describes the slash commands that you can use to interact with the app and your feature flags.

    To access the Help menu, type /launchdarkly or /launchdarkly help in your Slack client's text bar and press Enter. The LaunchDarkly help menu appears with a list of available options.