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Microsoft Teams

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Last edited: Jan 19, 2023


This topic explains how to use the LaunchDarkly Microsoft Teams integration.

You can use the LaunchDarkly Microsoft Teams integration to receive notifications when LaunchDarkly resources change. For example, you can receive alerts when a feature flag changes or when a new approval is requested for changes to a feature flag. These notifications appear in your Teams space. You can also unfurl feature flag and segment links in conversations.

The LaunchDarkly Microsoft Teams integration lets you:

  • Receive notifications of flag changes
  • Receive notifications when someone requests your approval for a flag change
  • Unfurl flag links in conversations
  • Link messages in public channels to a feature flag

To learn how to setup the app, read Setting up Microsoft Teams integration.

Getting help

The Microsoft Teams integration has a help menu that gives you details about what you can do in the app and describes the commands you can use to interact with the app.

To access the Help menu, open a chat window with LaunchDarkly, type "help" in the message composer, and press Enter. The LaunchDarkly help menu appears with a list of available options.