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Release notes

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Last edited: Jan 12, 2024

October 2023 release

The following features are available in our latest major release. Learn even more in our Galaxy 2023 product release blog.

Release Assistant

Release Assistant is available for everyone

Now engineers can focus on writing code without worrying about the release process. With Release Assistant, you can use flags and environment changes to seamlessly move releases through different phases of readiness. Incorporate your best practices into releases as reusable defaults. The releases view shows you guardrail metrics and quality signals, so you can view all in-progress releases in one place.

Get started:

Navigate to Account Settings and click into the Projects tab. Choose a project, click on the Release pipelines tab, and click "Create release pipeline."

Want to learn more?

  • Create a release pipeline
  • Read the documentation

Funnel Experiments

Funnel Experiments are available for everyone who uses Experimentation

Now you can use Experimentation to design experiments that measure business-critical user flows and provide results specific to those product funnels. New metric groups let you measure multi-step user journeys. Use our new experiment builder to create the workflow that makes sense for you, and determine whether you’re getting the conversions that you want with all your metrics visible in one place.

Get started:

To start a funnel optimization experiment, create metrics and a funnel metric group to use in a new experiment.

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Mobile Lifecycle Assistant

Mobile Lifecycle Assistant is available for everyone, and partially enabled for Federal customers

LaunchDarkly now supports all stages of the mobile app version lifecycle. Use our new automatic environment attributes feature to streamline adoption and enable mobile feature flagging capabilities right out of the box. Use our new mobile targeting experience to directly target specific device cohorts as needed. Use our new "applications" concept to gracefully deprecate unsupported app versions.

Federal customers can use some of these features, but cannot target based on supported or unsupported status, and do not have applications automatically created.

Get started:

To start using mobile releases, enable the automatic environment attributes feature in your mobile SDKs.

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Segment Builder

Segment Builder is available for everyone who uses segments

Now you can target directly on user segments with data from your favorite sources, including new integrations to connect to LaunchDarkly from Census, Fulcrum, Heap, Hightouch, Rudderstack, Twilio Segment, and more. Manage your audiences and their experiences in one place, ensuring consistent targeting at scale.

Get started:

To target a user segment, navigate to the Targeting tab of your feature flag and click Target segments.

To create a new user segment synced from an external tool, navigate to the Segments list. Click Create segment and then choose Sync data from external sources. Synced segments are available to customers on an Enterprise plan.

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Migration Assistant

Migration Assistant is in Early Access and available to everyone

Now you can manage complex tech migrations with increased confidence and ease. A new custom flag type supports multi-stage technology migrations, whether they’re as simple as two stages or as complex as six. Automatically track consistency, latency, and error rates, with alerts for unexpected behavior between each stage. Detailed rollout and configuration options mean our migration lifecycle shepherds you through each phase of a migration, stress-free.

Get started:

Create a new flag and choose the "migration" flag type.

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Engineering insights hub

Engineering insights hub is now available for Early Access Program members

Visualize LaunchDarkly’s impact on software velocity and quality metrics, with minimal setup. Use the engineering insights hub to understand your code’s performance at a glance by viewing new information including deployment failure rates, how experiments inform flag changes, and the impact of your changes over time. The engineering insights hub surfaces top-level metrics for your projects in one place and compare performance across your projects. Assess your code's readiness for release with the release maturity score, a top-level number derived in real time from your data. Use this information to develop strategies to understand the impact of your code changes and improve your delivery metrics over time.

Get started:

To use the engineering insights hub, use the product switcher by your user icon to change from LaunchDarkly's feature flagging platform to engineering insights.

Want to learn more?

Release Guardian

The wait list is open for Release Guardian's Early Access Program

Introducing Release Guardian: regression detection and automated incident response at the feature level. Connect critical metrics to your release process, so that every change is monitored - even the smallest releases, where issues would previously have been obscured by noise in the wider system metrics. When regressions are detected, get alerted or automatically roll back the feature flag change that caused the issue, so you can measure and protect every release.

Get started: