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LaunchDarkly subscriptions

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Last edited: Jul 12, 2024


This topic explains LaunchDarkly subscriptions and summarizes the features available on each. LaunchDarkly offers three tiers to choose from to fit your organization's size and needs.

Understanding plan features

LaunchDarkly offers Developer, Foundation, and Enterprise subscriptions.

  • Developer subscriptions help you get started with feature flags for your passion project.
  • Foundation subscriptions are designed for your development team.
  • Enterprise subscriptions support feature management, Experimentation, and governance at enterprise scale.

Developer subscriptions are free for limited usage of service connections, contexts, and Experimentation keys. Foundation and Enterprise subscriptions include monthly entitlements for each of these. Enterprise subscriptions also include access to Release Guardian and Engineering insights, upon request.

You can add Data Export events to Foundation and Enterprise subscriptions, as an add-on.

You can upgrade your organization's plan at any time. For more information about plan pricing and feature support, read Pricing. For assistance with right-sizing your account, contact Support or read How to right size when you are over LaunchDarkly system resource count limits.