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Release pipeline migration guide

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Last edited: May 20, 2024
Release pipelines is an Enterprise feature

Release pipelines is available to customers on an Enterprise plan. To learn more, read about our pricing. To upgrade your plan, contact Sales.


This guide describes how to migrate from legacy release pipelines to fully automated release pipelines.

To learn more, read Release pipelines.


To use this guide, you must be using the new LaunchDarkly app multi-environment view. To learn more, read Release notes for multi-environment view.

About release pipelines with automation

In May 2024 LaunchDarkly introduced release pipelines with automation.

With release pipelines with automation, you can now:

  • specify segments to roll out to in each phase
  • roll out either immediately, or with a guarded progressive rollout
  • require an approval to begin rollouts in each phase

This is a significant transition from the way legacy pipelines are used. With this change, you will no longer need to manually progress a flag through a release pipeline.

Upgrade to release pipelines with automation

If you are using a legacy release pipeline and want to upgrade, you will need to complete two steps:

  1. Create and configure a new release pipeline with automation. To learn how, read Create release pipelines.
  2. Complete or remove outstanding releases on your legacy pipeline. To learn how, read Remove flags from release pipelines.

Close out legacy pipelines

After you have created your new automated pipeline, if you still have flags in legacy pipelines, you can either:

As of May 21, 2024:

  • You can no longer add new flags to legacy pipelines.
  • You can duplicate your existing pipeline to turn it into an automated pipeline. To learn how, read Duplicate release pipelines.
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