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Last edited: Jun 07, 2024

Welcome to the LaunchDarkly guides!

This category of our documentation contains best practices guides and tutorials to help you succeed with LaunchDarkly, whether you're a new or an experienced LaunchDarkly account member.

Read on and follow the exercises in the guides below to learn more about what you can do with feature flags and LaunchDarkly features.

Want a more interactive experience? Try the guided tutorials and virtual labs available at LaunchDarkly Academy.

Here are our guide categories:

Feature flags

These guides help you excel in the use of LaunchDarkly's fundamental product feature: the feature flag.

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  • Getting started with release pipelines
  • Best practices for upgrading users to contexts


Learn how to use LaunchDarkly's Experimentation feature to make data-driven decisions about anything, from infrastructure to end users.

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Learn how to connect LaunchDarkly to the software you use every day.

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These guides teach you how to incorporate LaunchDarkly at every level of your organization, from customer-facing websites to unit tests.

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These guides help developers learn how to work with the LaunchDarkly SDKs, which evaluate feature flags in your application's code.

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Teams and custom roles

LaunchDarkly's teams and custom roles features let you manage groups of account members with precise permissions at scale.

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The LaunchDarkly REST API lets you perform any action you can do in the LaunchDarkly platform's UI. To learn more, read the API documentation.

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Additional resources

Access blog posts, videos, and answers to frequently asked questions to help you learn best practices and strategies for using feature flags on our Additional resources page.