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Version notifications

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Last edited: May 26, 2022


This topic explains how to set up notifications to learn about version updates and end of life notices for LaunchDarkly's SDKs. You have several options for receiving notifications about new versions of LaunchDarkly's SDKs. You can also subscribe to notifications about SDK versions that are approaching their end of life.

Using GitHub for notifications

All of the LaunchDarkly SDKs have repositories on GitHub. You can use some of GitHub's features to stay informed about new versions of LaunchDarkly's SDKs.

Watching a repository

For the particular SDK you are interested in, you can "watch" the repository to receive updates when new versions are released. To learn more, read the GitHub documentation on Configuring your watch settings for an individual repository.

Subscribing to a release RSS feed

For the particular SDK you are interested in, you can subscribe to the RSS feed for the GitHub releases.

The location of the RSS feed is:

# general format
# example

If your team uses Slack as a collaboration tool, you can also subscribe a Slack channel to the release RSS feed. In your Slack channel, type /feed subscribe <RSS feed> to subscribe.

Here's how:

# general format
/feed subscribe https://github.com/:organization/:repo/releases.atom
# example
/feed subscribe https://github.com/launchdarkly/js-client-sdk/releases.atom

Using package managers for notifications

The LaunchDarkly SDKs are published through language-specific package managers. For the particular SDK you are interested in, you can subscribe to notifications or to an RSS feed directly through the package manager's site to receive updates when new versions are released if the package manager supports such a feature. For example, the Ruby SDK is published through RubyGems which exposes an RSS feed.

Updating to a new SDK version

When you are ready to update, check the SDK reference page for your client-side or server-side SDK, then navigate to the migration guide. Alternatively, use the search bar to search for "migration guide."

In many cases, we provide a migration guide from the previous major version.

Client-side SDK migration guides:

Server-side SDK migration guides:

Receiving notifications about SDKs nearing end of life

To receive notifications when SDK versions are approaching their end of life (EOL):

  1. Visit status.launchdarkly.com.
  2. Click Subscribe to updates.
  3. Select your notification method and click Subscribe.
  4. On the "Choose components" page, check the SDKs checkbox. Optionally, check the boxes to subscribe to other status updates. Click Save.
  5. Confirm your notification subscription. For example, if you subscribed by email, check your inbox for an email requesting that you confirm your subscription, and follow its instructions.