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Last edited: May 01, 2024
The Zapier integration is a Pro and Enterprise feature

The Zapier integration is available to customers on a Pro or Enterprise plan. To learn more, read about our pricing. To upgrade your plan, contact Sales.


This topic explains how to set up and use the LaunchDarkly Zapier integration. Zapier provides a platform for setting up automated workflows between different apps using a web interface. Each Zap has a trigger, and actions that proceed from that trigger.

The LaunchDarkly Zapier integration includes several triggers and actions for constructing useful Zaps. You can trigger a Zap on audit log events, with advanced filtering for finding the right events to trigger on. You can also toggle a flag, add a user context to a flag, or evaluate a flag as an action in your Zap.

To use the integration, go to, create a Zap, and search for "LaunchDarkly" in the App Event search box.

Zapier event search for LaunchDarkly
Zapier event search for LaunchDarkly

About LaunchDarkly triggers

You can trigger Zaps based on LaunchDarkly audit log events, and can filter which audit log events trigger the Zap. For example, you could trigger a Zap when a specific flag is turned on, or when a new team is created, or when an integration is configured.

Create a Zap triggered by LaunchDarkly audit log events

To create a Zap triggered by audit log events:

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Click Create a Zap in the top left corner.
  3. Type "LaunchDarkly" in the App Event search box.
  4. Select the type of event you want to trigger your Zap on, for example, "Flag events."
  5. Follow the Zapier prompts to authenticate with LaunchDarkly and configure the trigger.
  6. (Optional) Add additional functionality to your Zap based on the LaunchDarkly trigger. For example, your Zap could notify you in Slack when certain events happen, or create calendar events for scheduled flag changes.

Use LaunchDarkly actions

You can also use Zapier to run actions in LaunchDarkly as part of a Zap. Like all Zapier actions, LaunchDarkly actions are part of a pipeline that starts with a trigger. You can use LaunchDarkly actions with any trigger, including a LaunchDarkly trigger or the Zapier schedule trigger. The example in the following section toggles a LaunchDarkly flag, which demonstrates how to use one of the LaunchDarkly actions. Other LaunchDarkly actions follow the same set of steps.

Create a Zap to toggle a LaunchDarkly flag

To create a Zap that toggles a flag:

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Click Create a Zap in the top left corner.
  3. Select the trigger you want to cause the LaunchDarkly flag to toggle. For example, use the "Schedule trigger" to toggle a flag every year on April 1st.
  4. After you set up the trigger, Zapier displays an App Event search box. Type "LaunchDarkly" in the App Event search box.
  5. Select the "Toggle a Feature Flag" event.
  6. Follow the Zapier prompts to authenticate with LaunchDarkly, and configure the flag you want to toggle.
  7. Click Test & Continue.
  8. Turn the Zap on. Your flag will now toggle when the trigger happens.