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Validating an integration

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Last edited: May 01, 2024


This topic provides an overview of LaunchDarkly's integration validation server. This is a tool that lets LaunchDarkly partners test some of their integration capabilities with LaunchDarkly. The server provides an environment for this validation.

Validate your integration

As a partner, you can validate your integration after your integration manifest exists.

The integration framework provides a validation server that you can run locally. If you need access to the server externally, you can use a local proxy, such as ngrok, to expose it to traffic.

Here’s how to test your integration:

  1. Follow the Getting started section of the validation server README in the Integration framework GitHub repository.
  2. After your server is running, follow the examples in the Usage section of the validation server README. The :integrationKey in the endpoints is the name of the directory that you are adding to the integration-framework repository under integrations/.