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Registering a LaunchDarkly OAuth client

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Last edited: May 01, 2024


This topic explains how to register a LaunchDarkly OAuth 2.0 client so you can develop your own applications with secure delegated access to LaunchDarkly.

Create and register a LaunchDarkly OAuth client

Registering a LaunchDarkly OAuth client allows you to build custom integrations that let members log into your application with their LaunchDarkly account. To learn more, read Using the LaunchDarkly integration framework.

You must have Admin privileges or an access token created by a member with Admin privileges that grants you permission to the acct resource.

You can create and manage LaunchDarkly OAuth clients using the LaunchDarkly OAuth client API. This API acknowledges creation of your client with a response containing a unique _clientSecret. If you lose your client secret, you will have to register a new client. LaunchDarkly does not store client secrets in plain text.

Store your client secret in a secure place

It is critically important that you store your client secret securely. Access to the client secret would allow attackers to read and modify LaunchDarkly data on behalf of the team members who have authorized your application.

LaunchDarkly OAuth clients do not support multiple redirect URIs or URIs with query parameters.

Non-standard redirect URIs

LaunchDarkly verifies submitted redirect URIs against the standard HTTP protocol format. If you wish to register a client with a redirect URI that does not conform to the HTTP protocol, contact Support.

Verify a LaunchDarkly OAuth client

By default, LaunchDarkly OAuth clients are unverified, meaning they only provide identity verification for members of your LaunchDarkly organization. LaunchDarkly offers the option to "verify" an OAuth client to allow people outside of your LaunchDarkly organization to log in with their LaunchDarkly account. If you wish to verify a LaunchDarkly OAuth client, contact Support.