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Reserved custom properties

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Last edited: May 01, 2024


This topic explains how to use the reserved custom properties integration framework capability.

About reserved custom properties

Custom properties let you store data in LaunchDarkly alongside a feature flag. For example, you can use custom properties to indicate flag-level associations with data on your service. If you don't have any flag-level associations or configurations, you don't need to use this capability.

To learn more, read Custom properties.

By default, members must specify a custom property name and key when they attach the custom property value to a feature flag. This step introduces the possibility of user error. To prevent this, developers can "reserve" a custom property for their integration, which makes it much easier for members to correctly add the property's value to feature flags.

reservedCustomProperties require a name and key. Adding a description is optional.

After a member configures your integration, the custom property appears in the dropdown on the flag's Settings page.

For example, the Datadog integration uses the following reservedCustomProperties:

"reservedCustomProperties": [
"name": "Datadog tags",
"description": "Tags are a way of adding additional dimension...",
"key": "datadog"