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Last edited: Oct 09, 2020
New Relic One supports triggers

You can use LaunchDarkly's triggers feature with a New Relic One account to automatically perform actions on feature flags.

To learn more, read Using triggers with New Relic.

This integration is only available for New Relic One Pro accounts
This integration only works with a New Relic One Pro subscription. Check your subscription details on your New Relic account billing page.


This topic explains how to use the LaunchDarkly New Relic One integration to view LaunchDarkly events in New Relic. New Relic One is an application performance management (APM) tool that allows customers to monitor the operational health of their application and infrastructure.

LaunchDarkly integrates with New Relic One. LaunchDarkly sends feature flag change events to New Relic as deployment events. These events appear as new deployments in the One console's APM Event log.


To configure the integration, you must create a REST API key on your New Relic One account.

Configuring LaunchDarkly to send flag change events to New Relic One

To configure LaunchDarkly to send events to New Relic:

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page and find the "New Relic" card.

    New Relic integration
    New Relic integration

  2. Click + Integration. The integration configuration sidebar appears.

    The New Relic section of the Integrations page.
    The New Relic section of the Integrations page.

  3. Give the integration a human-readable Name.

  4. Paste in your New Relic REST API key.

  5. Paste in your New Relic application ID.

  6. Click Save New Relic Configuration.

Adding custom policies to the New Relic integration

By default, the New Relic integration sends production flag change events to New Relic. You can customize those events with the policy editor using the same language and construction as if you were creating a custom role.

To learn more, read Custom Roles.

You can customize the events LaunchDarkly sends to New Relic by using the policy editor in the New Relic configuration panel:

Policy editor
Policy editor

Accessing LaunchDarkly events in New Relic One

To view LaunchDarkly events in New Relic One, navigate to your application's APM dashboard, then select the Event log tab on your sidebar and filter for "Deployments" link on the sidebar.

Any flag change events in your production environment (default policy) will create a new deployment event. You will be able to see the impact of that flag change within this deployment page.

New Relic One > Deployments
New Relic One > Deployments


To see a full demo of this integration in action, check out the following video: