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Last edited: May 03, 2024
The Mezmo integration is a Pro and Enterprise feature

The Mezmo integration is available to customers on a Pro or Enterprise plan. To learn more, read about our pricing. To upgrade your plan, contact Sales.


This topic explains how to use the LaunchDarkly Mezmo integration (formerly LogDNA). Mezmo is a log management and analysis tool. Mezmo can provide insights into a service's activity. It aggregates application logs, system logs, and more into a common platform so engineers can view all of their services' activity in a single place.

The LaunchDarkly Mezmo integration sends and aggregates LaunchDarkly audit log events in Mezmo.

With LaunchDarkly activity logs grouped in among your Mezmo service logs, you can more easily correlate feature flag rollouts with changes in logged behavior.


To configure the Mezmo integration, you must have a Mezmo ingestion key. Generate an integration key from your Mezmo organization.

Configure the integration

Here's how to configure the Mezmo integration:

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page and find "LogDNA."
  2. Click Add integration. The "Create LogDNA configuration" panel appears.
  3. (Optional) Enter a human-readable Name.
  4. Paste in your Mezmo ingestion key.
  5. Specify the Log level with which LaunchDarkly messages should be posted. The default value is INFO.
  6. (Optional) Configure a custom Policy to control which information LaunchDarkly sends to Mezmo. To learn more, read Advanced configuration.
  7. Click Save Configuration.

When you configure the integration correctly, LaunchDarkly sends change data to Mezmo.

By default, this data is limited to flag activity only. You can expand it to other kinds of data, such as project and environment changes.

Advanced configuration

The "Policy" configuration field lets you control which kinds of events LaunchDarkly sends to Mezmo.

The default policy value restricts it to flag changes in production environments:


You can override the default policy to restrict exported events to:

  • a specific combination of LaunchDarkly projects/environments
  • a specific action (or set of actions)
  • a specific kind (or kinds) of entities

For example, the example policy below restricts the integration so LaunchDarkly only sends changes from the web-app project's production environment to Mezmo:


To learn more about setting custom policies, read Policies in custom roles.

Use the integration

After you configure the integration, LaunchDarkly events appear in Mezmo log statements similar to log statements from other sources. Data from LaunchDarkly is identified with the launchdarkly source. Additionally, they are marked with env and app values corresponding to the appropriate LaunchDarkly environment and project keys, respectively.

You can include LaunchDarkly events in your view by selecting the launchdarkly source from the selector at the top of the Mezmo page. Expand any of these log statements for more details.

LaunchDarkly events also include metadata by which you can filter.

For example, to only view log statements corresponding to the demo-flag flag, search for the query string meta.flag_key:demo-flag.