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Last edited: Dec 03, 2021
The IntelliJ plugin is a Pro and Enterprise feature

The IntelliJ plugin is available to customers on a Pro or Enterprise plan. To learn more, read about our pricing. To upgrade your plan, contact Sales.

This plugin is in beta Development work on this IDE plugin is ongoing. Elements of the plugin may change without notice.


This topic explains how to use the LaunchDarkly IntelliJ plugin to interact with feature flags from within IntelliJ integrated development environments (IDEs).

A full compatibility list is available on the JetBrains Marketplace's plugin listing.

With the extension, you can:

  • View a tooltip with feature flag details when you hover over a flag key in your source code

IntelliJ hover.
IntelliJ hover.

  • Open to specific feature flags in LaunchDarkly from your code editor

The treeview right click options.
The treeview right click options.

  • View a list of feature flags and their settings in the LaunchDarkly tool window
  • Update a flag's state, fallback value, and off variation

The LaunchDarkly IntelliJ plugin.
The LaunchDarkly IntelliJ plugin.


In order to install this plugin, you must have the following prerequisites:

  • The beta Custom Release Channel. Add the beta Custom Release Channel to your editor. This allows it to access a beta plugin.

  • A LaunchDarkly API access token. To learn more about creating tokens, read API access tokens.

    The access token must have sufficient permissions to support the plugin's functionality. Below is an example policy for those permissions.

    This policy allows reader access to all projects and writer access to the minimum set of fields the plugin is able to update:

    2 {
    3 "resources": ["proj/*"],
    4 "actions": ["viewProject"],
    5 "effect": "allow"
    6 },
    7 {
    8 "resources": ["proj/*:env/*:flag/*"],
    9 "actions": ["updateOn", "updateFallthrough", "updateOffVariation"],
    10 "effect": "allow"
    11 }

Installing the IntelliJ plugin

Here's how to install the IntelliJ plugin:

  1. Pass in the plugin ID 15159 as part of the release channel. This ensures that only the LaunchDarkly Beta plugin is added to your available list.
  2. Add this URL to Manage Plugin Repositories: https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugins/beta/15159
  3. After you configure the plugin, you can install LaunchDarkly from the list of available plugins or from the JetBrains Marketplace.

Configuring the IntelliJ plugin

After you install the LaunchDarkly extension, a LaunchDarkly Plugin menu option appears.

IntelliJ Configuration
IntelliJ Configuration

  1. Grant IntelliJ access to system's default credential store. This is to securely store your access token with IntelliJ's Credential Store API.
  2. Provide a LaunchDarkly API access token.
  3. Click Apply. This queries the LaunchDarkly API for a list of projects and environments.
  4. Select your LaunchDarkly project.
  5. Select your LaunchDarkly environment.
  6. Click OK.

After you complete this procedure, you have configured the plugin.

If you only want to configure it for a specific IntelliJ Project, there is a sub-menu Project Overrides that only configures the plugin for the current project loaded.

Code references in the IntelliJ plugin

The LaunchDarkly IntelliJ plugin supports code references. Configuring aliases for projects with code references makes the informational hover card available wherever that alias is used. To learn more, read Finding flag aliases.