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    Using the LaunchDarkly integration framework

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    Last edited: Jun 10, 2022


    This topic explains the LaunchDarkly integration framework.

    In addition to giving you control over deployments and rollouts, feature flags can provide context to third-party tools that show you how your application reacts to flag changes. You can integrate these tools with LaunchDarkly using the LaunchDarkly integration framework.

    About the integration framework

    LaunchDarkly's integration framework lets you use a standard configuration to build two-way integrations from LaunchDarkly to third-party services.

    LaunchDarkly supports a subset of actions that let you subscribe to LaunchDarkly events to trigger an action or event in your service. This capability is similar to a webhook, with the added convenience of not having to write your own service to manage the integration. LaunchDarkly manages the configuration, authentication, and transformation of our events to what your service expects without having to create an intermediary service. We provide step-by-step instructions to help you build integrations in our LaunchDarkly Integration Framework repository.

    Becoming a technology partner

    Technology partners can build using our framework and list their integration with us. To learn how to build an integration as a partner, read Building partner integrations.

    The full list of public LaunchDarkly integrations is available in our integration repository.