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Building your own integrations

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Last edited: Sep 28, 2021


This topic explains the LaunchDarkly integration framework and how it relates to our partner program.

In addition to giving you control over deployments and rollouts, feature flags can provide context to third-party tools that show you how your application reacts to flag changes. You can integrate these tools with LaunchDarkly using the LaunchDarkly integration framework.

After review by our integrations team, you can also choose to add your integration to our publicly available integrations list. You can find the full list of LaunchDarkly integrations in our integration repository.

About the integration framework

LaunchDarkly's integration framework lets you use a standard configuration to build one-way integrations from LaunchDarkly to third-party services.

We welcome participation from anyone who is interested in building integrations that work with LaunchDarkly:

  • Developers can build using our framework and open up new integrations for use by their teams.
  • Technology Partners can build using our framework and list their integration with us. To learn how to become a partner, read about our Technology Partner Program.

Building your own integrations

LaunchDarkly supports integration capabilities such as:

  • Audit log events hook
  • Triggers
  • Reserved custom properties

To learn more about what you can do with LaunchDarkly integrations, read Capabilities.

We provide step-by-step instructions to help you build integrations in our LaunchDarkly Integration Framework repository.

Technology Partner Program

In addition to using the integration framework, you can join our Technology Partner Program. The Technology Partner Program empowers technology partners to build, launch, and go-to-market with LaunchDarkly. Benefits include partnership support, early product access, and joint marketing opportunities, among others. To learn more or to join the program, visit our Partners page.