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Implementing the Relay Proxy

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Last edited: Dec 28, 2023


This topic explains how to implement the Relay Proxy.

Before you begin, decide whether the Relay Proxy is appropriate for your configuration by reading Relay Proxy use cases.

If you are a customer on an Enterprise plan, Relay Proxy Enterprise has additional functionality available.

Relay Proxy implementation

Before you implement the the Relay Proxy, read the Relay Proxy guidelines.

Here is the process for implementing the Relay Proxy:

  1. Decide whether to configure your SDKs for proxy mode or daemon mode.
  2. Plan your Relay Proxy architecture, including:
  3. Configure the Relay Proxy.
  4. Deploy the Relay Proxy.
  5. Configure your SDKs to use the Relay Proxy.
  6. Plan for scaling.
  7. Monitor the Relay Proxy's performance over time.

Read the topics in this category to learn how to complete these steps.

Here are the topics in this category:

  • Deploying the Relay Proxy
  • Configuring SDKs for the Relay Proxy
  • Monitoring the Relay Proxy