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Install the GitHub app

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Last edited: May 01, 2024


This topic explains how to install the GitHub app for engineering insights and how to associate repositories and projects.

Adding the LaunchDarkly GitHub app to your existing GitHub organization lets engineering insights track pull request and commit frequency and timing. Engineering insights uses this information to calculate deployment lead time and other metrics.

Install the GitHub app

To install the LaunchDarkly Engineering Insights GitHub app:

  1. Click Get started at the bottom of the screen. A menu appears.
  2. Click Connect to GitHub. The setup screen appears.
  3. Click Install now from the "Source control" section.
Engineering insights does not request or store your source code

The GitHub app asks for read access to code, metadata, and pull requests for the repositories you select. LaunchDarkly does not request or store any code contents, only pull request and commit metadata.

  1. Follow the OAuth workflow to install the app automatically. After you accept the installation, you are redirected back to LaunchDarkly.

After you install the app, activity data for the repositories you chose will flow into LaunchDarkly. Historical data from the repositories will populate automatically.

Associate repositories with projects

LaunchDarkly automatically creates repository associations when it receives deployments or code references. Optionally, you can manually configure additional associations. This allows you to see code-based metrics before you send deployments.

To associate repositories with projects before sending deployments:

  1. From within engineering insights, click your display picture and choose "Connect code repositories" from the menu.

    If you haven't sent any pull requests yet, then the lead time setup card will be empty. In this case, you can click View repository associations from the lead time setup card.

  2. In the Repository menu, select a repository.

    Only the repositories that you selected when you installed the GitHub app are available. To add more repositories, adjust the settings for the GitHub app in your GitHub account.

  3. In the Project name menu, select a project. All of your LaunchDarkly projects are available.

  4. Click Save configuration.

The "Associate repositories with projects" setup screen.
The "Associate repositories with projects" setup screen.

To remove an association, click the X next to the project name you want to disassociate.

Additional setup

To finish setting up engineering insights, you may also need to Send deployment information and Set up code references. To learn more, read Confirm your setup.