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Last edited: Jun 07, 2024


This topic explains how to work with LaunchDarkly applications in engineering insights.

Applications are a part of your codebase for which you want to track deployments. Applications often correspond to a single repository in your version control system. However, if you are using monorepos, then a single repository may contain several applications. Generally, an application is a codebase or portion of a codebase that you independently deploy.

Create applications

Applications are created automatically when you send a deployment event to LaunchDarkly. Deployment events must include the application key and version. If the application key does not correspond to an existing application, LaunchDarkly will create a new application for you using that key.

To learn how to send a deployment event to LaunchDarkly, read Send events from your deployment pipeline. To learn about other ways to automatically create applications, read Applications and application versions.

Flag targeting rules and applications created by deployment events

You may have applications that are created automatically because you have sent a deployment event to LaunchDarkly. However, you will not be able to create mobile targeting rules for those applications until you have also completed the following:

  • your feature flag has its Client-side SDK availability set to include "SDKs using Mobile key." To learn more, read Create flags.
  • you have already started to collect application information. LaunchDarkly must receive an evaluation context with this information before it enables the option to create a mobile targeting rule. To learn more, read Environment attributes.

To learn more, read Mobile app and device targeting.

Edit applications

You can change the display name or description for an application. The application key cannot be edited.

To navigate to the Applications page, click on your display picture in the top toolbar and select "Manage applications":

The "Manage applications" option.
The "Manage applications" option.

You are directed to the Applications page. To edit an application, follow the instructions at Edit applications.