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Changing account owners

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Last edited: Jul 26, 2021


This topic explains how to change which account member has the owner role in your LaunchDarkly account, as well as what the owner role entails.

Understanding the owner role

In LaunchDarkly, owner is a unique role that only one account member can have. Owners have absolute power over your entire LaunchDarkly account, including the ability to give or remove admin privileges from other account members, or to remove the owner role from themselves and assign it to someone else.

Every LaunchDarkly account must have an owner. By default, the person who creates your LaunchDarkly account is designated as the owner.

To learn more about member roles, read Managing your account members.

Changing account owners

You can change account owners from the Account Settings screen.

Only the current owner can change the owner role, and only account members with verified LaunchDarkly accounts can become account owners.

If you are not the owner of your LaunchDarkly account and need to change owners, contact LaunchDarkly Support.

Have your owner credentials ready

If you have not authenticated to LaunchDarkly within the last 10 minutes, you will be prompted to re-enter your credentials during this procedure. Make sure you have access to the account owner's login information before you start.

Follow these steps to change account owners:

  1. Log in to LaunchDarkly as the account owner.
  2. Navigate to the Account settings screen and click into the Team tab.
  3. Scroll down to the "Account owner" section.
  4. Click your name. A dropdown list of other account members appears:

The expanded account owner dropdown with a different account member selected.
The expanded account owner dropdown with a different account member selected.

  1. Choose a new account member from the dropdown by clicking or searching.
  2. Click Update owner. A confirmation screen appears.
  3. Confirm that you want to update the account owner by clicking Change.

Your permissions change to admin. The account member you chose is now the owner.