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LaunchDarkly in China

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Last edited: May 01, 2024


Some customers and end users in China have had difficulty maintaining a persistent connection to LaunchDarkly.

While LaunchDarkly is a product with global reach, inconsistencies between the internet services of different countries can make it difficult to predict where we might have outages. Some customers have reported difficulty maintaining a connection to LaunchDarkly from China.

We offer these customers the following alternatives to a conventional LaunchDarkly process.

Remediation options

There are two options for improving performance if you're using LaunchDarkly in China: bootstrapping your SDK, or creating a Relay Proxy.

Bootstrap your SDK

The pros and cons of bootstrapping include:

  • Pros: This is quick and easy to do, and will reduce startup time to near zero.
  • Cons: If you bootstrap from local storage, end users might initially receive outdated flag variations. New variation updates will still suffer from inconsistent performance.

Configure your SDK: Bootstrapping

Create a Relay Proxy

The pros and cons of using the Relay Proxy include:

  • Pros: This may be able to serve your clients much faster.
  • Cons: This is much more complicated to set up than bootstrapping.

To learn more, read The Relay Proxy.