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Experiment flags

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Last edited: Mar 04, 2024


This topic explains how you can use experiment flags to test a hypothesis. These flags help you validate the impact of features you roll out to your app or infrastructure.

Understanding experiment flags

Experiment flags are temporary flags. In the most common use case, you wrap an experiment flag around code for a new or improved feature that impacts end users. Experiment flags can be either boolean or multivariate, so that the experiment can test multiple values. You can pair flags with metrics to compare context or system behavior between two or more flag variations. To learn more, read Experimentation.

To create an experiment flag:

  1. Navigate to the flags list.
  2. Click Create flag.
  3. Choose Experiment:
The "Configuration" section of the "Create new flag" page.
The "Configuration" section of the "Create new flag" page.

To learn more, read Creating new flags.

Then, run experiments on the flag. To get started, navigate to the flag's Experiments tab and click Create experiment. To learn more, read Creating experiments.