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Custom flags

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Last edited: Mar 11, 2024


This topic explains how to get started with custom flags.

While LaunchDarkly provides flag creation templates for the common flag templates discussed in this category, we expect that you will need other flags as well. For ideas and examples of other flags and their use cases, read our guide on Creating flags.

Default flag settings only apply to custom flags

When you create a new flag in the LaunchDarkly UI, you can choose to start with a flag template, or create a custom flag. Each flag template has its own custom default settings that you cannot alter. Only custom flags are affected by the default flag settings you configure at the project level.

To learn more about default flag settings, read Projects.

To create a custom flag:

  1. Navigate to the flags list.
  2. Click Create flag.
  3. Choose Custom flag:
The "Create new flag" dialog.
The "Create new flag" dialog.

To learn more, read Creating new flags.

Then, set up the targeting rules for your flag. To learn how, read Target with flags.