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Using the advanced editor

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Last edited: May 01, 2024


The advanced editor is a tool for experienced LaunchDarkly members who want to create their own custom roles. You can use it to create custom roles and policies that are more complex and detailed than those supported by the simple editor. For example, inverse action and resource sets (notActions and notResources, respectively) are only available in the advanced editor.

You can copy example roles or templates that assign the same permissions as LaunchDarkly's built-in roles from the topic Example policies and templates. In the advanced editor, you can modify those templates to do exactly what you want.

The advanced editor is powerful

The advanced editor can cause large permissions changes to sensitive or confidential resources. If you use the advanced editor incorrectly, it is possible to disable your LaunchDarkly project, lock yourself out of your account, or cause other irrevocable changes.

It is critically important that you read all the documentation in the "Custom roles" section thoroughly before you use the advanced editor to create or modify any custom roles.

To learn more, read Custom role concepts.

Create custom role policies with the advanced editor

To access the advanced editor:

  1. Click the gear icon to open Organization settings.
  2. Click Roles in the left sidenav.
  3. Click Create role. The "Create custom role" panel appears.
  4. Click Advanced editor. The advanced editor appears:
The advanced editor.
The advanced editor.
  1. (Optional) If you do not wish to use the advanced editor, click Simple editor to close the advanced editor.
  2. Specify the effects, resources, and actions you wish.
  3. Click Save role.

When you create a policy with the advanced editor, you must use resource keys, which are case sensitive. For example, if the production environment of your default project has the key production, then the policy proj/default:env/Production will not work.

To ensure you're using the correct resource key, type CMD + period ( . ) to launch the resource finder. Alternatively, click the link beneath the advanced editor.

The advanced editor, with the resource finder link called out.
The advanced editor, with the resource finder link called out.

For advanced policy examples, read Example policies and templates.