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The flags list

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Last edited: Oct 31, 2023


This topic explains how to use the Feature flags list, which shows your feature flags and gives you options to create, modify, and manage them.

Viewing feature flags

All of your feature flags within a project appear on the flags list. Creating a new flag adds it to the list and all environments within your project, and archiving a feature flag removes it from the list and all environments within your project.

Here is an image of the feature flags list:

The feature flags list.
The feature flags list.
Features in the flags list vary by plan

To learn more, read about our pricing. To upgrade your plan, contact Sales.

To learn how to create a new flag, read Creating a feature flag. To learn how to archive a flag, read Archiving flags.

Use the search bar to find a flag by name, tag, key, or description. You can sort the list of visible flags to identify the oldest or most recent, or to view them in alphabetical order. By default, the most recently created flags appear first.

Filtering feature flags

You can filter the list of flags to view only flags that share a particular attribute, such as a tag, a status, or an availability to an SDK type.

To filter your flags:

  1. Click Filter.
  2. Choose an attribute from the menu.
  3. Choose a value to filter by from the second menu:
A filter applied to display only flags with a specified maintainer.
A filter applied to display only flags with a specified maintainer.
  1. Click Add.

Your flags list now displays only the flags that match the filter you specified.

To add additional attributes to your filter, repeat steps 1-4. The list displays only flags that match all of the attributes you selected.

Filtering by maintainer includes teams

If you filter flags by maintainer, you can choose to view flags maintained by an individual member or by a team.

Removing filters

To remove a filter, click on the attribute name you want to stop filtering by and click Clear filter. To remove multiple filters, click Clear all:

A set of filters applied to the flags list.
A set of filters applied to the flags list.

Saving filtered flags lists

You can save your filter configurations as a dashboard to return to later.

To save a dashboard:

  1. Apply your desired filters.
  2. Click Save list. The "Save current dashboard" dialog appears.
  3. Enter a name for the dashboard:
The "Save current dashboard" dialog.
The "Save current dashboard" dialog.
  1. Click Save dashboard.

To later load your saved dashboard, expand the Save list menu and click on the dashboard you want to view:

The "Saved dashboards" menu.
The "Saved dashboards" menu.

Your dashboard now displays with the saved filters.

Sharing filtered flag lists with team members

When you save a filtered flag list, it will only be visible in your own saved dashboards. However, the filters you apply are reflected in the query parameters of the URL. You can share the full URL with team members, who can then save the filtered list for themselves.

Following flags

You can follow a flag to receive an email notification, and, if applicable, a notification in the LaunchDarkly Slack app, when someone makes a targeting change to that flag. Notifications are environment-specific, so you must follow a flag in each environment you want notifications for. You can follow a flag from the flags list or from a flag's Targeting tab.

If you have the LaunchDarkly Slack app installed, you will automatically receive notifications in Slack about any changes to flags you have followed. To learn more about the Slack app, read Slack.

To follow a flag from the flags list:

  1. Navigate to the flags list.
  2. Click the overflow menu for the flag you want to follow.
  3. Click "Follow flag."
The "Follow flag" option in a flag's overflow menu.
The "Follow flag" option in a flag's overflow menu.

To unfollow a flag from the flags list, click Unfollow in the overflow menu.

Following a flag from the Targeting tab

To follow a flag from its Targeting tab, expand the flag header and click Follow changes.

To unfollow a flag from the Targeting tab, expand the flag header again and click Unfollow changes.

Adding other followers to a flag

You can also add other followers to a flag.

To add followers from the Targeting tab:

  1. Expand the flag header.
  2. Click Manage followers.
  3. Search for or select members from the followers menu.
  4. Click Save.
The "Manage followers" menu.
The "Manage followers" menu.