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Custom properties

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Last edited: Dec 15, 2021


This topic explains how to set up and use custom properties in LaunchDarkly.

If you're building an integration for LaunchDarkly, it might be helpful to store data for your integration with a LaunchDarkly feature flag. Custom properties allow you to do this.

Each custom property you add to a feature flag can contain a list of associated values. For example, if you create an integration with an issue tracking service, you may want to associate a flag with a list of issues related to a feature's development.

Setting a custom property

You can set a custom property from the LaunchDarkly UI or by using API calls. To learn more, read the REST API Documentation.

To add a custom property to a flag through the UI:

  1. Navigate to the flag's Settings page.
  2. Click Add custom property.
  3. Choose a property type from the dropdown.
  4. Enter Values associated with the custom property.
  5. Click Save:
A flag's custom property configuration fields.
A flag's custom property configuration fields.
Custom property restrictions

Custom properties have the following restrictions:

  • You can set a maximum of 64 custom properties

  • Each custom property's name and key must be at most 64 characters