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Syncing segments from RudderStack Audiences

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Last edited: Oct 31, 2023
Syncing segments is an Enterprise feature

Syncing segments from RudderStack Audiences is available to customers on an Enterprise plan. To learn more, read about our pricing. To upgrade your plan, contact Sales.


This topic links to RudderStack's documentation for its LaunchDarkly integration.

RudderStack is an open-source Customer Data Platform (CDP), providing data pipelines that allow you to easily collect data from every application, website, and SaaS platform to activate in your warehouse and business tools.

You can use this integration to sync audiences defined in your warehouse with LaunchDarkly.

RudderStack manages this integration. To learn how to use it, read RudderStack's LaunchDarkly Segments.

To learn more about synced segments in LaunchDarkly, read Synced segments.