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The flags dashboard

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Last edited: Jul 14, 2021


This topic explains how to use the dashboard, the core interface of LaunchDarkly platform. The dashboard shows your feature flags and gives you many options to create, modify, and manage them.

Viewing feature flags

When you create a new feature flag, it appears on the dashboard in each of your environments. Similarly, deleting a feature flag removes it from all the environments in your project.

Here is an image of the "New" button on the Feature flags dashboard:

The dashboard with the "New" button called out.
The dashboard with the "New" button called out.

To learn more, read Creating a feature flag.

Use the search bar to find a flag by name, tag, key, or description. You can sort the list of visible flags to identify the oldest or most recent, or to view them in alphabetical order. By default, the most recently active flags appear first.

Click Filter to view groups of flags that share a particular attribute, such as a tag, a status, or an availability to a given SDK, or create a new feature flag by clicking + Flag.