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The audit log and history tabs

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Last edited: Mar 04, 2021


This topic explains how to use the audit log and history tabs to track changes made in LaunchDarkly.

Using the audit log

The Audit Log is a running tally of changes made to feature flags in a given environment. Access it from the sidebar.

The audit log always shows changes to feature flags in one environment. To see the changes for other environments, use the environment switcher at the top of your sidebar.

The audit log.
The audit log.

Click the Details button to see more information about each change, including representations of the JSON patch operation for the change and a diff from the old and new JSON, if available.

The audit log details screen.
The audit log details screen.

Using the history tabs

The UI also contains History tabs on the account and flag settings pages. These contain a record of the changes made in LaunchDarkly to those resources.

You can filter the history tabs by timestamps or search terms. Only some of the properties in an entry are searchable.

The following resources are searchable:

Resource NameSearchable Properties
MemberDisplay name, Full name, First name, Last name, Email
UserUnique Key, Display name, Full name, First name, Last name, Email
WebhooksAction, Resource name
Environment, Role, Goal, Project, Flag, & FeatureResource name

You can also build integrations on top of our audit log using the Audit Log REST API. To learn more, read Audit log overview.

Additional integration options

You can also receive audit log notifications by creating webhooks, or setting up Slack notifications.