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Engineering insights

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Last edited: Oct 27, 2023
This feature is for Early Access Program customers only

Engineering insights is only available to members of LaunchDarkly's Early Access Program (EAP). If you want access to this feature, join the EAP.


This category contains documentation topics about LaunchDarkly's engineering insights feature.

About engineering insights

Engineering insights lets you track key engineering metrics in one place to improve engineering efficiency and assess team performance. By incorporating data from first commit all the way through a fully-enabled release and subsequent flag cleanup, you can highlight bottlenecks and track long-term trends. This also lets you measure and improve metrics that focus on collective outcomes, specifically deployments and releases. It couples those metrics with data from code, build tools, incidents, and more to generate unique and useful insights for your engineering teams.

Engineering insights works with LaunchDarkly's core feature management platform to provide deployments data and code insights that make existing core product features like flag Insights, the audit log, and code references even better.

To begin using engineering insights as part of your workflow, read Getting started with engineering insights.

The engineering insights dashboard

The engineering insights dashboard is inspired by the original DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) metrics of lead time to deployment, deployment frequency, mean time to recovery, and change failure rate. Together, these metrics were developed to show how your organization balances speed and stability.

However, if your engineering team uses feature management, this singular focus on deployments makes the DORA metrics incomplete. The most efficient engineering teams reduce risk by decoupling releases from deployments. To understand the full picture of how and when changes are going out to your customers, you need to track and measure both deployments and releases, so that you know when code changes are going out to customers and when feature flag changes are being enabled for them as well.

The engineering insights dashboard.
The engineering insights dashboard.

The engineering insights dashboard can help you track and measure these and other important metrics. To learn more, read Dashboard metrics.