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    The Billing tab

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    Last edited: Feb 27, 2023


    This topic explains the information on the Billing tab and how to upgrade or add on services.

    Understanding the Billing tab

    The Billing tab includes the following information:

    • Your account ID.
    • Your total seat usage.
    • Your total client-side monthly active users (MAU) or client-side monthly context instances (MCI), depending on your billing model. To learn more, read Calculating client-side monthly active users (MAU) and Calculating client-side monthly context instances (MCI).
    LaunchDarkly's billing calculations will change on April 1, 2023

    On April 1, 2023, LaunchDarkly will introduce a new format of calculating billing and usage: monthly context instances, or MCI. We have provided documentation about MCI in this topic to help you prepare for any changes to your billing, but this change will not affect you until April 1 at the earliest. Some customers will be affected when their plan renews, but no one will be affected before April 1, 2023.

    For more information about MCI and how this update impacts your LaunchDarkly plan, read Calculating client-side monthly context instances (MCI).

    • (If applicable) Your total monthly Experimentation keys. To learn more, read Experiment pricing.
    • (If applicable) Your total monthly Data Export events. To learn more, read Data export.

    Here is an image of the Billing tab:

    The "Billing" tab.
    The "Billing" tab.

    If you're on a Starter or Pro plan, upgrade or change your plan options by clicking View plan options. If you're on an Enterprise plan, click Contact us.

    Understanding plan options for Starter and Pro plans

    Plan options are customized for Enterprise plans

    If you're on an Enterprise plan, your plan options are customized to your usage needs and are not available from the Billing tab. Contact us for information about your plan options.

    From the "Plan options" screen you can view your current usage, plan selections, and upgrade options. To learn more about how LaunchDarkly plans compare to each other, click Compare plans.

    The "Plan options" screen with an example price.
    The "Plan options" screen with an example price.

    On a Starter plan you can:

    • View your client-side MAU
    • Turn SSO on or off

    On a Pro plan you can:

    • Adjust your client-side MAU
    • Add Experimentation to your plan
    • Enable or disable SSO

    Plan summary

    The "Plan total" section displays the price of your plan.

    You can toggle between the Billed monthly and Billed annually options to review the price difference between the two billing frequencies.

    To confirm changes to your plan, or the frequency of billing:

    1. In the "Plan total" section, click Proceed to checkout. A "Review your subscription changes" screen appears.
    2. Click Update subscription.

    To cancel your changes and return to the Billing tab, click Keep current plan.