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    Flag health

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    Last edited: Mar 07, 2023
    This feature is for Early Access Program customers only

    Accelerate is only available to members of LaunchDarkly's Early Access Program (EAP). If you want access to this feature, join the EAP.


    This topic explains how to use LaunchDarkly's flag health metric view.

    Accelerate uses stale flags as an indicator of flag health. Stale flags are temporary flags that are older than 90 days and have not been evaluated in the last seven days within a given environment.

    Understanding the flag health summary

    The flag health summary includes:

    • Percentage of stale flags
    • Total number of stale flags
    • Total number of temporary flags
    The flag health summary.
    The flag health summary.

    Using the stale flags list

    The stale flags list shows information about flags in a selected environment that we recommend you remove.

    You can use the search and filter options to refine this list into a different subset of flags:

    • Search by flag maintainer, flag name, flag key, or flag description.
    • Filter by flag maintainer, tags, and ready to archive or needs review.
    • Sort by flag age.
    The stale flags list.
    The stale flags list.

    You can select additional environments to compare the flag state against. This helps you verify that you can archive the flag without unintended consequences.

    Compare environments.
    Compare environments.

    If you choose additional environments, LaunchDarkly performs the checks again and highlights stale flags.

    Description of checks

    LaunchDarkly runs three checks to determine if a flag is stale. They are:

    • Verify absence of code references: If you use code references and there are no references to this flag in your code, this check passes. If you do not use code references, this check does not run.
    • Verify only one variation is being served: If all environments are serving the same variation as the selected environment at the top of the page, this check passes.
    • Verify the flag has not been requested: If the flag has not been requested in the last seven days, this check passes.

    If all checks pass, you can click Archive to begin the archive process.