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LaunchDarkly provides feature flags as a service for Java · Python · Ruby · Go · Node.js · PHP · .NET. Control feature launches -- who sees what and when -- without multiple code deploys. Easy dashboard for phased rollouts, targeting and segmenting.
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Managing sessions

LaunchDarkly offers administrators a set of controls to manage how long users stay logged in to their account, and how often they need to re-authenticate. These controls can be found on the Security tab on the Account settings page.

Session configuration options

Session configuration options

Session duration

Session duration affects how long a user stays logged in to their account without activity. By default, the session duration is two weeks. Changing this setting adjusts the session duration for all newly created sessions. The session duration can be set to any number of minutes, hours, or days.

Refresh sessions automatically

This setting controls whether user sessions refresh automatically. If this option is set, user sessions will automatically renew for the configured session duration each time they interact with LaunchDarkly. Enabling this option ensures that a user won't need to re-authenticate while they're in the middle of a task in LaunchDarkly.

Revoke all sessions

Finally, admins can revoke all active LaunchDarkly sessions. This will log all users out of LaunchDarkly and force them to re-authenticate. This action will take effect immediately, and will also log out the administrator who revoked the sessions.

Managing sessions

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