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LaunchDarkly provides feature flags as a service for Java · Python · Ruby · Go · Node.js · PHP · .NET. Control feature launches -- who sees what and when -- without multiple code deploys. Easy dashboard for phased rollouts, targeting and segmenting.
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Data Export

Available to enterprise customers

Data Export is only available to customers on our enterprise plans. If you're interested in learning more about our enterprise plans, contact


Data Export provides a real-time export of raw analytics data, including feature flag requests, analytics events, custom events, and more. By exporting your data to a location of your choice, you can use your own data warehouse and tools to analyze event data.

How It Works

Data Export works by sending data to one of our supported destinations. A destination is a location you choose where we write the data.

We support the following export destinations:

Once you have chosen a destination, all event data for the affected LaunchDarkly environment is sent there. Learn more about the format of these events in Export format reference.

Delivery Guarantees

After your application has successfully sent an event to our servers, we will send the event to your configured destinations at least once.

An event is sent to your destinations exactly once, with some exceptions. In the event of a hardware failure or networking issue, we may send events multiple times.

Additionally, if your configured destination does not acknowledge receipt of the event, we will retry sending the message 5 times over a 30 minute period.

Data Export

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